Senior Homes Saskatoon

Senior Care Homes Saskatoon

We Make Our Residents Feel Safe

Are you looking for the best senior homes Saskatoon? Then, Baraka Care Home can be the right destination where seniors can enjoy each and every moment of their life. Our residents’ comfort and well-being are of the utmost importance. It goes beyond the physical necessities to include mental, physical, and spiritual stimulation.

Everyone desires a healthy social life and the real taste of independence. Why should then the seniors be deprived of these? Baraka Care Home never makes you feel isolated at our senior homes saskatoon facility. You will get the best senior care and love from our team. At our long term care homes Saskatoon, we provide a plethora of services focusing on the daily needs of our residents.

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Personal care for every resident

We have created an at-home setting where our caregivers provide a high level of care and personalized services. We know that every senior resident has different problems. While some have dementia, others have mobility issues. Based on their needs, we offer personal care solutions in our senior homes Saskatoon.

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24-hour care- We are always at your disposal

We have a dedicated team of caregivers in our long term care homes Saskatoon to look after your loved ones around the clock. At every moment, our residents get the best assistance from us.

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Meals and Snacks- We provide nutritious foods

Every time we provide meals and snacks, we focus on the nutritional value. Our professionals know that nutrition plays a role in alleviating different health issues caused by natural aging. We prepare our menu with nutritionists to provide healthy meals for residents in our senior care home Saskatoon facility.

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Physical and mental stimulation

To keep you physically and mentally fit is one of our goals. With regular physical workouts, we stimulate the energy of our senior residents. As one of the best senior care homes in Saskatoon, Baraka Care Home uses modern technologies to provide mental stimulation to every resident. With funny jokes and constant interactions, we keep everyone motivated and active.

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Spiritual stimulation at various levels

We have engaged some spiritual teachers who deal with seniors and develop a sense of spirituality. Our spiritual words benefit those who have problems, like dementia and cognitive disorder. We make them feel the innate need for comfort, inner peace, rituals, and prayer in our senior homes Saskatoon.

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Medical supervision all the time

Most older adults need medications for chronic conditions, and they need to take medicines regularly. Without our supervision, they can take double doses or miss out on doses. At our long term care homes Saskatoon, we have healthcare providers and nurses who know the medication management techniques.

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Daily physician visit

We have internationally trained physicians who take the best care of your dear one’s health. At our senior care homes in Saskatoon, our physicians inspect the health issues of our residents. The older adults of your family will be safe at our hands.

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Hair and nail clipping- As a part of our grooming routine

As we provide personal care services, we have included hair cutting and nail clipping in our list too. We think it to be important to maintain hygiene. Trimming fingernails is essential to prevent fungus and keep those nails at a safe length.

So, if you are looking for long term care homes Saskatoon for yourself or your loved ones, contact our office today or check availability from our website. We look forward to meeting you and serve you at our senior homes Saskatoon.