Resident activities

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Resident Activities- We Keep Seniors Active Throughout the Day

Interactions and communications let us feel fresh and stay away from all stresses. It is also true for seniors who spend their days sitting on a rocking chair and watching TV throughout the day. At Baraka Care Home, we never let them get bored in this way. We arrange the most interesting group activities for these elderly residents.

  • Play bingo and Wheel of Fortune- Spice up the gaming session

Bingo is always an engaging game to seniors at Baraka Care Homes Saskatoon. We let them play double Bingo, swap Bingo, and several other versions. At times, we take our residents outside the facility to help them enjoy the game in a better way.

Wheel of Fortune is another thrilling game that can be a source of fun. Our senior residents can become lively and stimulating while playing this game. They will get a chance to spin a wheel. This game provides opportunities for socialization and strengthens the cognitive abilities of the elderly person.

  • Newspaper reading

While staying at our Baraka Care Home, our seniors can learn everything about the world. We have newspaper reading opportunities for seniors. When you become a part of our senior living community, you will never feel aloof from the society.

  • Napkin and towel folding To build confidence

Do not think it to be an awkward task for our senior residents. The simple napkin and towel-folding task increase their self-confidence. We provide them with a stack of some unfolded napkins and stand beside them to see how they fold every stack.

  • Exercises-To boost mood

We think that exercise is the best option to ensure mental and physical strength. To keep our senior residents cheerful, we arrange exercise classes. Our trained instructors keep them fit. Moreover, we instruct seniors to do chair exercises and play some soothing background music.

  • Lap walking- As an everyday activity

Our senior care home building designed for lap walking. Our residents can walk freely inside the building to keep themselves fit and enhance their mobility. We have created a safe environment where our senior members can walk freely.

  • Special groups

Baraka Care Home has created separate groups with senior residents who have mutual interests in some activities. Our group activities trigger memories and promote conversations. One can freely share his own problems with others.

We have tried to create a big senior living community with the best caregiving services. Our aim is to keep these senior residents engaged and stimulate better feelings in them.

  • Seasonal parties and outings

At Baraka Care Home, the senior residents never feel bored. We arrange short trips and seasonal parties that provide socialization opportunities.

  • Spiritual interactions- For a better quality for life

Spirituality is one of the important parts of our lives, and it becomes more valuable as we grow older. Baraka Care Home promotes faith practices for seniors who desire spiritual connections. Seniors with cognitive disorders, dementia, and other issues, get benefit from our spiritual interactions.